The students form an association named HIMARIS (Himpunan Mahasiswa Bahasa Inggris) to accommodate their needs in non-academic activities. The organization was formed by the first generation students in 2006. The organization provides a lot of benefits for the students, such as giving more experience about organization, expanding their knowledge about communication, applying their skills and other positive things.

What are their activities?

There are a lot of activities organized by HIMARIS inside and outside the campus. One of the events inside the campus is the Annual Festival. The Annual Festival is an English competition for high school students around Bandung which is annually held by HIMARIS. This festival aims at increasing high school students' interest in English language and in promoting the English Department of Politeknik Negeri Bandung to high school students.

Besides holding events inside the campus, HIMARIS also holds events outside the campus such as community services such as giving an English course to elementary students around the campus social charity such as breaking the fast together with the orphans at the orphanage near the campus in the Ramadhan month.

HIMARIS also particpates in several events which are held by another students' organizations in POLBAN such as PORSENI (sports and arts olympic), LITANIA (indoor soccer league), and other interesting events. Participating in those events is not only beneficial for the members of HIMARIS to develop their skills and interest, but also to strengthen relationship with the other organizations.