Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Bandung – The students are working on the Microsoft Office Specialist certification at P2T Building, POLBAN. The students who get the score higher than 700 will get a official certificate from Microsoft

Saturday, 4th of June 2016, the sixth semester students had their Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams. The test was organized by the Computer Unit in collaboration with Certiport Indonesia, the official operator for Microsoft certification test. Earlier, the students were given training for two days about the functions of the menus in Microsoft Word 2010.

By holding the training and certification, the graduates are expected not only to have an expertise in English but also in the use of computer software, particularly MS Word which is internationally certified.

The program is mandatory from the Assistant Director of Student Affairs that provides grants to the English Department to conduct certification programs related to its competence.

The program was given for the first time to the students of the English Department POLBAN. In the previous year, the fund was used for the training program Communication across Culture in collaboration with TBI.

Hopefully, this program can be continued in the future so that the English Department can produce graduates that can fulfill the industry needs and follow the technology development.

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