Table Manner Training for English Department Students


Bandung – The students are having the table manner training at Aston Primera Hotel, Bandung on Saturday (30/5).

Saturday, the 30th of May 2016, the fourth semester students had a table manner training at Aston Primera Hotel, Bandung. The training was given to the fourth semester students because they need to know about table manner and dining etiquette before they plunge to workplace.

Before the training, the management of the hotel gave the students opportunity to see the facilities of the hotel.

One of the students named Salma admitted that she gained more knowledge from this training, ”It's very advantageous because it can be very useful in the future. Maybe one day we can join the dinner with the president or something and at least we already know the basic knowledge about table manner", she said.

This training has been given to the English Department students since 2006. This program is also one of the routine agendas.

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