History of English Department


The establishment of the English Department has gone through complicated process. It started when the amalgamation of English lecturers who work under UP-MKU (Unit Pelayanan Mata Kuliah Umum) were inspired to create a new study programme D3-English Language. Then, the Director of POLBAN approved of establishing the English Department to manage the D3-English Language study programme. Belows are the important events during the establishment:

  1. The establishment began when the amalgamation of English lecturers of Politeknik ITB and master of English teachers of Polytechnic Education Development Centre (PEDC) after the assignment of PEDC to develop the polytechnic and to train candidates of polytechnic lecturers in Indonesia was completed.
  2. The amalgamation of English lecturers started to work under one unit, named UP-MKU (Unite Pelayanan Mata Kuliah Umum). It caused the UP-MKU had the surplus of English lecturers.
  3. The big amount of lecturers and the lack of challenge if they only teach all the departments inspired them to set up Diploma III English Language study programme. Besides, the establishment of the study programme gives them the opportunity to develop their knowledge. However, they struggled to get the approval from the authority.
  4. After the idea was approved, in 1997 they started to open D1-English for Secretary study programme as a trial for a year with the head of programme was Dra. Ratna Padmi Trihartanti.
  5. The establishment was delayed for several years and continued again in 2004. On 25th of February 2004 the head of UP-MKU issued a decree No. 019/NO9.R.8/PP/II/2004 commissioning four lecturers as a team to write a proposal of the establishment. The lecturers are Ms.  Ratna Padmi Trihartanti as the head of the team, Ms. Esti Sugiharti as secretary, Ms. Yani Adyawardhani as the person in charge of the curriculum, and Mr. Dedy Setiawan as the person in charge of industrial affiliation.Then the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs gathered the lecturers to discuss the possibility of running the D3-English Language Study Programme.
  6. Then, the establishment proposal was finally approved by Director General of Higher Education from the decree No. 2681/D/T/2006 dated on 12th July 2006 to formally run the D3-English Language Study Programme.
  7. In August 2006, POLBAN officially opened the first registration for D3-English Language Study Program. During the first running, the lecturers should achieve the minimum number of students in one class that is 32 students. Fortunately, there were 50 applicants applied for this study programme.
  8. After two years running the study programme, the Director of POLBAN aggred to form a management to manage the D3 – English Language study programme. In 2008, the English Department was formed. The forming of the English Department was sought to have the opportunity to develop its study programmes.
  9. Year by year the English Department has made significant improvement both for the department and the D3- English Language study programme. Finally, in 2012 the D3 – English Language study programme was accredited “A” by BAN-PT (Badan Akreditasi Nasional – Perguruan Tinggi).