So far the English Department conferred seven generations with the total graduates of 245 persons. Here is the table of the total graduates:

Year The Number of Graduates
2009 27
2010 28
2011 27
2012 29
2013 27
2014 57
2015 50
Total 245

The graduates of the English Department have not only English skills but also business, accounting, computer, entrepreneur, and management. After they graduated from the college, most of them relatively have short waiting period to get a job as they have been trained to reach sufficient readiness to work in a wide range of different positions in a company. Mostly, they got jobs in less than three months after their graduation. Here is the graphic:

The graphic shows that 82 percent of the graduates get their first job within less than 3 months, 14 percent within 6 months and 4 percent of the graduates 7-12 months to get their first job after they are graduated from POLBAN. It means the English Department graduates have very competitive skills to get a job.

Most of the alumni work in national private companies, some work in foreign companies and in government agencies. As they have been taught about entrepreneurship, some of them become an entrepreneur. Below is the graph of working place of the alumni:

work place

To see the career prospects and companies which have recruited the English Department you can click here.

What are they saying about the English Department?

Overall the English Department of Polban has provided courses needed by the students of the English Department, and support the industrial needs. It would be better to provide a discussion forum inviting practitioners to share experience and overview of the field of work outside of the existing course.

Achmad Kadarullah, Head of HIMARIS (2006-2007)

“Program Studi D-3 Bahasa Inggris adalah rumah kedua bagi saya, selain tempat saya belajar hard skills yang bukan hanya bahasa Inggris saja tetapi ditunjang juga dengan mata kuliah lainnya. Saya juga banyak belajar soft skills lewat kegiatan himpunan mahasiswa. Keduanya sangat bermanfaat untuk bekal di dunia kerja atau pun berwirausaha.”

Achmad Faisal Aini, Presenter in The 59th Teflin International Conference

“The English Department has professional lecturers who give the knowledge and skills which are applicable to the field of work.”

Irena Ayu Nanda, Peraih Penghargaan Lulusan Terbaik dan Tugas Akhir Terbaik 2014

“SFor nearly three years studying in this department, I got even much knowledge in some fields because this department provides courses which are very applicable (cover many areas such as accountant, office management, and others). Besides that, I think the English Department cares about the future of its students since some programmes given are to support the skills including Table Manner, certifications, and TOEIC.”

Bella Baroqah, Peserta Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia – Korea Selatan (PPIKor) dan Juara 3 MAWAPRES POLBAN 2012

“For me, English Department is a really good department because it is not only teach us about English but also about business, culture, account and many things. I got lots of experience for facing the real world called work.”

Arsy Pasha Maishyta, English Department 2012

“I would like to say thanks a lot for English Department, because, all the lessons is used such as Writing, Speaking, Ppresenting, MICE, Office Management, Business English and Business Letter, Accounting and Administration, Business Communication, and the discipline of POLBAN which i've applied in my work.”

Fuzi Tresnagalih, English Department 2012